Every cosmetic company advocates anti-age, anti-wrinkle, anti-us!

Why do you try to hide our age? We have all came across makeup that tried to cover up wrinkles. Or a woman wearing clothes to try and look younger than she is. They do not fool anyone.

Let me ask you a question. Who decided that wrinkles are a bad thing? What about being a role model for the younger generation and taking on a happy, positive, healthy attitude towards you and ageing?

A woman's face can tell an individual life story. Our beauty is born out of self-knowledge, wisdom and confidence. Let's reveal and enjoy the beauty we have earned! Lets do it for ourselves and the young men and women of the next generation looking up to us for inspiration. You look fabulous as you are. It's your own decision. Through example we have the power to change society's points of view about aging. You have vitality, joy and wisdom. Let the beauty you have gained shine through.

I recognize that women of all ages want to be seen, noticed, flirted with and valued.

There is no age limit to those desires. Many women believe we cannot have that kind of attention later in life because of what society has been telling us since day 1! We are led to believe that as we age we lose value. We are told that when we get older we are less attractive.

This horrible message can haunt women at a very deep level. For many women, as soon as they see their first grey hair or their wrinkle becomes noticeable, the battle against time begins straight away. We use all the cosmetics that claim to wipe away our age and make us young again. Some women go to extremes of cosmetic surgery. The money spent on Botox, collagen injections, and hair dyes keep the beauty product companies thriving. Women go to endless measures in a futile attempt to fool themselves and others. I believe it is a waste of time and money and in many cases, health. Don't get me wrong. I understand why women do this. I have empathy for the desire to look younger. I am a woman living in this society. I am all too familiar with what it feels like. I want attention too. I want to be valued as well. However, I do not believe the way to get that is to try and hide my age, nor do I want attention simply for the way I look. How about taking these points of view into our own hands by firstly, changing our own minds about beauty and age.

Negative concepts of ageing are invented. We believe them so much they become true, when you change your mind-set, and start living according to your new points of view, you begin changing truth. I am interested in creating a new truth. I believe all women around the world are attractive. It's our nature. We bring fun, desire, and happiness to everything we do. When we find ourselves perfect, exactly as we are, we change our whole ambiance. That changes how others identify us. Feeling good about you is appealing. Even enjoying ourselves is attractive. The texture of our skin does not make us attractive. The colour of our hair does not make us attractive. The clothes we wear do not make us attractive.

How we feel about ourselves and how much we are enjoying ourselves is what makes us truly attractive. When we embrace ourselves and life with joy, we become beautiful.

"Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic." Rosalind Russell.

I want to look healthy and radiant! I want to look like me!

Are you ready to throw away the, grey, dehydrated, and out-dated cosmetics that attempt to wipe away you age and hide who you are? Haven’t we had enough of this nonsense?

Beauty is about natural colour, glow, moisture and joy! You don't have to hide behind anything by “putting on” on a face, you already have one and it’s beautiful!

You’re at your best age ever. Are you ready to reveal your skin and features and let them radiate the natural beauty you have!?

Vivian Devine

Co-Founder – uSkin