• "This is the cure to aging skin :)

    Hi uSkin, I guess I want to begin my message by saying a great big THANK YOU! It's a thank you that holds so much weight that it's indescribable. I have only just discovered your serum within the last few weeks and WOW am I glad I have. I am currently suffering from a stage 3 brain tumor in the frontal lobe which has also spread to cause three lesions to the back of my brain. All are inoperable and The Christie Cancer Hospital have had no choice but to cease treatment also within the last few weeks due to the lack of progress and how very ill the treatments have made me and in turn has caused various other organs to pay the price not least my skin upon my face; it's gone worn-out looking with a leathery dried up wrinkly look and that's not to mention the dark shadowing on several parts of my face. I began using your serum within days of treatment stopping looking for a miracle fix and oh boy I have found it! Besides having almost every skin fixer on the market, ranging from ROC Correxion through to L'Oreal Revitalift and all ranges in Olay, nonetheless of them have done the job that your little bottle of miracle has performed. I'm not going to over-play it and say I've gone from being 43 back to 21 again but I've always had a younger than my age looking face and I am now seeing the distinct signs of that returning at an alarming rate. And uSkin, my new best friends, it is all down to you guys and I cannot thank you enough, in fact I am so overwhelmed by the improvements that I have today ordered your eye serum too from Amazon, where I ordered your skin miracle from too. So I guess this contact is mainly to really let you know how happy you are making a dying lady, what an amazing job you're doing and to also just say please keep up your amazing miracles. My next needed miracle would be something along the lines of a scar serum that works seeing as I have several of them due to all my surgeries. I've tried the so-called best ones and trust me they're pooh!! I have faith in your products should you design one. So, thank you again and thank you for listening to me and my story. I hope the main boss finds this on his desk and in turn gives his/her production staff a good pat on their backs, give them a copy to read also so they know they're helping a cancer patient smile again. Thank you uSkin :)"

    My only remaining advice to anyone reading this is: BUY THIS PRODUCT, you will not be disappointed, I promise.

    - Mary

  • "Being 73 I certainly have plenty wrinkles but am so pleased with the results have ordered another bottle

    Sure I see quite a difference after only using for approx 1 week, being 73 I certainly have plenty wrinkles but am so pleased with the results have ordered another bottle.

    Works for me!

    I've found this serum to be perfect, at least it certainly is for me! I'm 66 and suffer with very puffy under-eyes due to thyroid eye disease. Having been told that nothing can be done about this, I hide them behind big glasses. However after reading the reviews about this serum I decided to try it as it's not expensive. There has been a significant improvement in the look of my eyes and the little crows feet lines have faded. I do use a good brand eye cream as well (Boots Restore & Renew) and I'm delighted with the results of the regime I'm using. This serum is excellent (in my opinion) and I'd recommend it."

    - Jane

  • "Benefits at really great price

    I've been using this product for almost two weeks now. I have followed the instructions of using once a day and then building up to twice a day and I'm really pleased with the results to date.

    You only need a small amount of the serum and so the bottle lasts for a very long time. After almost two weeks I've hardly used any so this is great value for money. The serum is very light and not in the slightest bit greasy. It dries instantly and when you're pressed for time in the morning that really helps. My skin feels soft with an even texture and colour and people have commented that I look like I'm wearing foundation or BB cream even though they know I'm bare faced! I'll be purchasing another bottle at full price when my tester bottle runs out."

    - Maureen

  • "Works for me

    Arrived within a day. Top stuff. Also only been using once a day for a week but my Christmas stress wrinkles look a whole lot less and I generally look more awake than last week! It sinks into my skin really well and I don't feel it on there as it dries almost immediately. My skin also feels softer. I tested it on the back of my hand when it first arrived and I could clearly see the patch it was used on as softer and smoother appearance immediately. I will keep using as I feel it's making an improvement and I want to give it more time. After the month I will know for sure but at this time I reckon it's good stuff and I don’t want to stop using it!"

    - Elizabeth

  • "Great treat for the skin.

    This has to be one on my fav beauty products. I have only been using the serum for a few days and already my skin looks brighter and clearer.

    It has natural, organic ingredients that makes me feel rest assured about how safe this product is for my skin. It is 100% Vegan friendly, alcohol free, cruelty free, paraben free, Sulphate free, lactin free, gluten free, GMO free. How amazing is that!

    The serum isn't sticky and absorbs into the skin beautifully. And only a few drops needed to cover the whole face and neck. I have only been using this for a few days and have seen such a positive improvement. I can only see my skin getting better over the time I use this. A great product which I was fortunate to get a discounted price in return for a honest review."

    love the way my skin looks and the way I ...

    I had been using a similar product when a friend told me about this one. I ordered it and received it within 2 days. Now to get down to the product itself. Well I'm realistic enough to know that only a surgical procedure, botox, or fillers will totally erase all lines, wrinkles etc., but it's not something I can afford....or for that matter want to do..... BUT the moment you put this product on your skin it starts to tingle and tighten (not in an unpleasant way I should add). With regular use your skin tone does become more "equal" and radiant. Lines and wrinkles do tighten and lessen. I apply a Vitamin C Moisturiser over the top of this and use every morning and every night. Does it make a difference? YES!!! It most certainly does! I have glowing, radiant skin with far less noticeable lines and wrinkles. I love the way my skin looks and the way I look. Will I continue to use this product? YES!! Most definitely!

    I highly recommend anyone of any age to use this for tighter, more refined skin with far less noticeable lines etc., Try have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I don't recommend skin care products lightly and I keep to as natural ingredients as possible. I am one very happy, satisfied customer."

    - Julie

  • "Excellent Product

    I have been using this product for three months now. I'm 52 and signs of ageing have started to show. The skin under my eyes was dry which made me start to look my age which i wasn't happy with. I have tried numerous products and paid a fortune without any results. It took three to four weeks for the results to start showing and the skin under my eyes is looking and feeling a lot better. The dryness has nearly gone. The rest of my skin is also smoother. You can use your own moisturiser on top of the product as well as using make up from foundation to bronzer. i use it twice a day and a little goes along way. Excellent product and easy to use. Excellent customer service. Will continue using this product, its taken a long time to find so not letting go.

    Love the products and the company!

    This is hands down the most amazing product you will ever come across, I'm only 24 I can't comment on what it does for wrinkles but I've had acne most of my teenage and adult life, as u know acne comes with a lot of scaring. I've been using this product and my skin is almost clear now, I'm on my third bottle obviously I wanted to see what it would do for my skin before I could write a review. I hope you find this helpful. This product is amazing I will continue to bye it!"

    - Hazel