Argan & Coconut Oil
Argan & Coconut Oil£14.97

uSkin's Argan Oil & Coconut Oil, you can achieve multiple benefits for your full body including your hair, face, nails and skin.


  • Argan Oil is known for as a natural conditioner for your body, hair, face, skin and nails
  • Get numerous benefits for frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Our powerful formula creates instantly smoother to salon style hair, which eliminates frizz and split ends when used as a Hair Mask
  • Argan & Coconut Oil will do wonders for your nails! With just a few drops each day is enough to moisturise your cuticles and strengthen any weak nails


  • Our Argan & Coconut Oil is Pure organic which is designed to focus deep into your pores which then hydrates and repairs the damaged skin.
  • Harvested directly from Moroccan trees you can combined this with multiple liquids such as your chosen creams, lotion, shampoos and more including a home made moisturiser for natural healthier looking skin
  • All natural combination including Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Lavender Oil